Monday, September 7, 2009

Beira to QTP

After returning from Beira in 2008, with the next project assignment in Belfast which only would begin mid 2009, I had my hands full with the weddings of my 2 best buds! Both the weddings were a blast!!

I was far from reaching Belfast!

My boredom and anticipation led me to the unfashionable door step of Q Theatre Productions. Within minutes of meeting Q, I was sure that my world had changed, once again! Q was directing his play Project S.T.R.I.P. . And I was doing what I did best- publicity! It was not only a great learning ground but also a reassurance that passion combined with humility prevails!

Theatre was a moving experience. I am a fan of enabling! T & H- now they were whizzes at ensuring everything ran as smoothly as well oiled machines. The cast and crew just blew me away with their 'focus and commitment'. Our playwright--the dear playwright what a gem of a gent---epitome of a volatile mass of energy! To sum it up--- after having lost my theatre 'flower' I was not only motivated to do more but also well equipped with tools of perseverance, patience, passion, humility, honesty and most importantly creativity.

Thank you QTP!

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