Sunday, September 20, 2009

A big island !

After waiting for more than 6 months I have made it to Belfast ! It's wickedly cold ! I have learnt to accept it. I knew that when I stepped out in the cold for the first time, few days back, without a sweater! Long way from Mumbai to Ireland!

The first weekend here and went to Malin Head! While at that very prime place of the island, I felt some kind of peace ..a sense of curiosity even - excited to know how it will be and where I will be after.

There is so much vastness that hits the eye here, an abundance of space that overwhelms a Mumbai girl. Not just while standing at Malin Head, but everywhere in this Emerald --- its brilliant like a postcard. Yes it does get mundane but my Mumbai balnces it out!

The people here are friendly! The Guiness is heavenly! The work to be done is tedious! It will be blissful!

Marge ( my lovely housemate), new friends, new things- madness!

I have gone on slides, am cooking, now live in a house with Ganesha & Marilyn, watched the Irish dance and have single legged Marge within 3 weeks.

There is no limit to this now! Hurrah! Definitely no borders!


  1. u better cover yourself up u mad cow! dont roam around in summer dresses anymore...

  2. i learnt in good time..dont worry!