Friday, October 9, 2009

Excel Sheets

Its been over a month here in Belfast. How do I feel? Have I settled in? How is my work? How is my world? So many questions--definitely much to describe.

All can be explained as am squared. I am squared with all the work I do with excel sheets.

My world, I have realised is directly proportional to the number of excel sheets I fill in.

These excel sheets ensure the smooth functioning of my work. I want to contact a newspaper in Waterford: I have it in my excel sheet; in a cell written somewhere. I have to know what I have t o do today by refering to the little grid in my diary. I refer to the rows and coloums in my mailbox to know the events of my world. My world is not only filled with family and friends but by the knowldge of new statistics, new campaigns, new propoganda of this global community.

I am squared.

Sadly, all those squares are meant to organise my life, but do except that- I panic and am only a mile away from ripping the sheets apart.

At that precise moment, I turn my head and look around this office and am comforted as I witness the passion I began to loose. This room is bestowed with passion by the people in it. This phone next to me connects me to more of that passion. I am truly blessed for these reminder notes.

I have to do more--- work more, enjoy more, walk more, run more, write more, think more, dance more, love more and rest more. I shall. I want to. I will.

Should write that into the excel sheet.

Must not loose the colour of my unbordered world.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A big island !

After waiting for more than 6 months I have made it to Belfast ! It's wickedly cold ! I have learnt to accept it. I knew that when I stepped out in the cold for the first time, few days back, without a sweater! Long way from Mumbai to Ireland!

The first weekend here and went to Malin Head! While at that very prime place of the island, I felt some kind of peace ..a sense of curiosity even - excited to know how it will be and where I will be after.

There is so much vastness that hits the eye here, an abundance of space that overwhelms a Mumbai girl. Not just while standing at Malin Head, but everywhere in this Emerald --- its brilliant like a postcard. Yes it does get mundane but my Mumbai balnces it out!

The people here are friendly! The Guiness is heavenly! The work to be done is tedious! It will be blissful!

Marge ( my lovely housemate), new friends, new things- madness!

I have gone on slides, am cooking, now live in a house with Ganesha & Marilyn, watched the Irish dance and have single legged Marge within 3 weeks.

There is no limit to this now! Hurrah! Definitely no borders!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beira to QTP

After returning from Beira in 2008, with the next project assignment in Belfast which only would begin mid 2009, I had my hands full with the weddings of my 2 best buds! Both the weddings were a blast!!

I was far from reaching Belfast!

My boredom and anticipation led me to the unfashionable door step of Q Theatre Productions. Within minutes of meeting Q, I was sure that my world had changed, once again! Q was directing his play Project S.T.R.I.P. . And I was doing what I did best- publicity! It was not only a great learning ground but also a reassurance that passion combined with humility prevails!

Theatre was a moving experience. I am a fan of enabling! T & H- now they were whizzes at ensuring everything ran as smoothly as well oiled machines. The cast and crew just blew me away with their 'focus and commitment'. Our playwright--the dear playwright what a gem of a gent---epitome of a volatile mass of energy! To sum it up--- after having lost my theatre 'flower' I was not only motivated to do more but also well equipped with tools of perseverance, patience, passion, humility, honesty and most importantly creativity.

Thank you QTP!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Suburbia to Beira

June 2008 was the happiest 30 days!

I broke free form the pretentious world of client briefs, pitches, creatives and launches. I was leaving; crossing the Indian Ocean to work in a little town called Biera in Mozambique.It was preparation time. I was excited to be going to Africa once again!

It was there, I realised that I wanted to be part of the Change! I felt more useful and satisfied to be working for a cause rather than a product.

I met so many people who were working to make this world better. Their motivations, their passions and their goodwill was life-changing!

I worked with Young Africa. My worked included construction work and later on publicity for the organisation and all the work they did and wanted to do. Young Africa is a great example of belief!

Honest motives for the greater good are unstoppable. The energies of this world will come together to fulfil a dream.

My dream is to work everywhere and anywhere to better the lives of so many underprivileged, disabled, unfortunate children, men and women. I choose not to complain but to enable Change.

I knew by the time I returned that despite of what they say, my world definitely has no borders.