Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Festival of Fools

As you know, communication has various forms.

I believe we live in an extremely visually motivated world today. While I am (sadly) consumed by the all hypnotic colossal 'hep', I am also humbly moved by that which is not blatant.

I am rather curious of all the books I have not read, of the plays I have not watched, of the movies I have not seen, of the paintings I have not known-- am curious for my own selfishness.

I was in my bed that Saturday morning....the brochure of the Festival that was on my stand finally kicked me out of the bed and I left to see street theatre in Belfast. One of those many decisions am tremendously proud of.

The Festival of Fools is exactly what it is...a celebration of all that is creative and absurd at first but meant to make one happy.

The acts were local and international and meant to entertain anybody young or old. Physical strength and grace came together without hesitation. The quirky, the mystical, the sheer cheesy made the streets alive. I felt for one afternoon I was in performing art heaven.

The honesty of each performance and its proximity made it more than special to me.

This Festival is an effort to promote performing arts and sadly does not have funding. This only reminded me of the situation in India where theatre, classical dance and other non 'main stream' art is struggling. Alas.


  1. great! am glad u got to have a fun day at such a fest. i am kinda ok with such fests being self initiatives and not heavy funded. they lose sme charm with the hype. i like the title they gave it. festival of fools.

    curiosity does not kill the cat.

  2. wow sounds so much fun! festival of fools. We gotta learn a lesson or two in branding from them:)