Friday, May 21, 2010

All this Talk...Will there be change?

I work in the development sector and the small organisation that I currently volunteer with, SERVE, is involved hugely in advocacy of the many issues of the developing world.

No, there is no advertising budget. No there is no external planning, marketing, or PR agency. We do not even own a photocopying machine.

As we constantly are in the know of all that takes place with our partners in Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, India, Thailand and The Philippines it is difficult to ignore those who are ignorant. The issues are many...need I spell out.. well.. access to education, gender inequality, maternal health, infant mortality, trade laws---indeed can ramble on for at least 10minutes...but you would know of them.

I am not complaining...because I did...I decided to be part of the solution...

Like me there are so many who keep all these issues on the agenda and spend their life lobbying, fighting, protesting, speaking , writing, documenting to make that CHANGE..for all those who are less fortunate.

As part of our work, at SERVE, we work together very hard all the 5 of us to organise various workshops for schools. These workshops are lessons that have to be taught to the next generation who will grow into more wholesome individuals. That is the HOPE! That is the effect we would aim for!

The objective is not only inspire these young adults to sign up on any sort of volunteering project but also to keep in mind the issues and begin conversations. Small conversations lead to revolutions that translate to change.

I delivered my first workshop today---about the barriers to development. I only hope those young girls do get inspired in good time.


  1. More power to you Jo! Keep the good work going.

    I also think while small maybe current way of functioning- at some point you will need to scale up efforts- to make rapid progress in society, no?

  2. yes ofcourse in good time....i will be ready to be part of all the large scale efforts...or plan my own....

  3. love your serve logo, where did you get it and would you be ok with me using it with my students? my email is