Monday, February 22, 2010

Effect of Disasters

How should I feel when I hear and see images of nature's wrath around me?

Mother Nature must calm down-- while some of us work for a second chance.. some of us believe that this is the beginning of an end much awaited because as human beings we have ill treated what we have.

We might be abusive, but the loss of human life is still unbearable- there is a fine line between being realistic about the effect of disaster and being immune to the consequence of disaster.

Post the earthquake in Haiti- every known relief agency stepped into the forefront and did what they had to do- but can we even fathom the amount of time the Haiti government will require to rebuild themselves- do we realise how grave the situation is. It might be ineveitable- but is it that difficult to express solidarity? Is it easier to deal with the loss of hope by saying the end is near?

Closer to home, the Ganga is a huge cause for concern. The stories I have heard and the pictures I have seen of its deterioration is awful.. who is to blame- we are to blame--but if we wrecked it we can fix it and yes there is hope as many environmentalists work hard to rectify it. But of course, to acquire funds for its research or to execute 'green' plans that will save us from man made disasters is extremely politicised.

Yet, we can not stand back- we can not simply shrug our shoulders and leave it to those in power, because as far as I can tell- we are all in power- we are all in a position to do as little as we can- a small community collection to support a relief fund or an environmental agency.

Our world has no borders when we want to extend our hand in support-
--- There are so many ways through which we can help- go on spare a few minutes and research or simply ask around to help groups who are looking for help.

While you hunt for your next mobile phone or flat screen tv in the shops- think about someone who has been lying in a hospital with no proper attention or think about the trees that were cut down to prepare the paper/ card box packaging of your new phone or tv set... At the same time I do not imply that we should all go and live like a sage- I propose balance!


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