Thursday, January 28, 2010

xmas 2 disater in haiti 2 bombay 2 burma

I was more amused, surprisingly, than emotional when I met my lovely girlfriends in Germany. It felt like a dream to see them in a city other than Bombay, in a winter so strange and in a phase so unreal. We were little girls just a while ago and when we walked in the park with tall, dull yet enlivened trees, with Sven following us, I knew we were still those 3 wild bright individuals. It was a warm Christmas and the New Year came in quietly with a bang.

The world is raising funds for the unfortunate Haitians. It may be politicised and chaotic yet it must be done. And ofcourse, there are causes all over the world that need a voice-- Can you hear them? I do and I am confused.

While I sit here confused, tucked away in a western suburb of Bombay, Shivli was working hard to raise funds for little children who are unprivileged. It wasn't much but there are brand new second hand clothes for them given to her at a small party in their name. They weren't forgotten.

It made me hopeful.

Just as I began to relax, I watched Burma VJ. I cried! Imagine a life where freedom is a distant dream. And for that dream young men risk their lives everyday in a heartbeat. Their struggle is long but fruitful because the Buddha says "to not be greedy, be patient".

Pain is recycled or maybe even is reborn into hope or pain exists because hope exists. Pain always seems limitless but hope is bigger than limitless. As long as I have you , you and you and all of you and your positivity--we will find our solutions

And it is found only because my world is seamless....