Friday, October 9, 2009

Excel Sheets

Its been over a month here in Belfast. How do I feel? Have I settled in? How is my work? How is my world? So many questions--definitely much to describe.

All can be explained as am squared. I am squared with all the work I do with excel sheets.

My world, I have realised is directly proportional to the number of excel sheets I fill in.

These excel sheets ensure the smooth functioning of my work. I want to contact a newspaper in Waterford: I have it in my excel sheet; in a cell written somewhere. I have to know what I have t o do today by refering to the little grid in my diary. I refer to the rows and coloums in my mailbox to know the events of my world. My world is not only filled with family and friends but by the knowldge of new statistics, new campaigns, new propoganda of this global community.

I am squared.

Sadly, all those squares are meant to organise my life, but do except that- I panic and am only a mile away from ripping the sheets apart.

At that precise moment, I turn my head and look around this office and am comforted as I witness the passion I began to loose. This room is bestowed with passion by the people in it. This phone next to me connects me to more of that passion. I am truly blessed for these reminder notes.

I have to do more--- work more, enjoy more, walk more, run more, write more, think more, dance more, love more and rest more. I shall. I want to. I will.

Should write that into the excel sheet.

Must not loose the colour of my unbordered world.